Canada Visa Application in Hong Kong

Overview of Canada

Canada is the largest country in the West and one among the largest in the world. This beautiful country in Northern America is rich in natural resources. It is a parliamentary democracy with the Queen of England being the constitutional monarch, represented by the Governor-General. The country has ten provinces and three territories. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. English and French are the official languages of this country.  It is a free market economy and is one of the top manufacturing countries in the world.

Canada invites people from around the world to take up permanent residency in Canada. The country is looking for skilled people who can work in Canada and contribute to the economy. Permanent visas are given for those interested to emigrate.

Canadian Visa

For those planning to visit Canada, whether for travel or for work, they need a visa. Canada Visa Application in Hong Kong is a relatively easy process. A Visa application centre is located in Hong Kong for the convenience of locals. They can visit the visa application centre to submit visa applications in paper or else they can even apply online. All visas would need biometric data and hence visa applicants need to book an appointment at the visa centre to submit their biometric details with the application. We can assist applicants looking to get a visa.

The key benefits of becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada;

  • Right as Permanent Residency: After you get your Canadian PR status you can live, work or study anywhere in Canada and enjoy many other benefits similar to the citizens of Canada.
  • Sponsor eligible family members: As a Canadian permanent resident, you can sponsor eligible family members to come to Canada and they can get the permanent residency.
  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship: Once you get the permanent residency you can apply for Canadian Citizenship after spending certain period in Canada.
  • No Tax on income outside Canada: As a Canadian permanent resident or citizen you pay taxes on the basis of physical residency only and hence there is no tax on the income earned outside Canada.
  • Access to subsidized education:  As a Canadian permanent resident, you have the access to subsidized post secondary education being provided by the federal as well as provincial governments in Canada. The permanent residents can also enroll in free English and French speaking courses being offered by the federal      government.
  • Social Security services and benefits: The Canadian permanent residents receive several social security services, i.e.
    • Social security to the people (unable to work due to disability or to those who can’t find work.
    • Basic pension
    • Subsidized lodging for low income individuals
    • Worker’s compensation
    • Unemployment insurance
    • Subsidy on medication for low income people up to 98%
    • Free courses for job search training
    • Subsidized private nurseries
    • Maternity leave and Parental leave
  • Protection under Canadian Law: The permanent residents of Canada are protected under Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.