What is IELTS?

IELTS or International English language testing is a widely accepted test of the English Language which is accepted in many foreign universities and institutions all over the world especially Canada, Australia, U.K, New Zealand and USA. It’s an English Language proficiency test which validates that the candidate is comfortable with the English language in all 4 modules and can effectively communicate.
The IELTS is usually conducted in 4 categories of speaking, writing, listening and reading. The score band is between 0 to 9. You will get a band score for each skill in 4 modules and also an overall score. Every university and immigration category have a different score band requirements to be eligible for applying to certain specified category thus the best way to score well in the IELTS examination is by practice and ample of guidance at the right time.

How can Visto Consultant help you?

The best way to score well in the test is by thorough practice and the right way of practicing can be done under the mentorship of an expert in the language. Hence, a good immigration service can be appointed which can guide the candidate regarding the IELTS examination. The mentor will guide you as to what are the kinds of questions that will be asked and how they need to be answered in order to secure good marks. Practicing the English language well in time will help you understand your strengths and weakness and you can work on them when there is still time in your hands.
Visto Consultant has a team of experts who are proficient and capable of guiding the candidates with the IELTS examination. We provide our clients with online mentorship and are constantly available from Monday to Saturday to resolve all your queries.