Hong Kong Visa Extension

Once you get a visa to Hong Kong, you would, of course, be aware that the visa is valid for a particular period. After this period is over, you need to get the visa extended. Hong Kong Visa Extension norms depends upon the type of visa you hold.

Extension norms

Visitor Visa Extension in Hong Kong needs to be applied 7 days before the date of expiry of visa. Normally visitors are expected to leave once the visa expires. For any special reasons, they can apply for extension and this will be considered based on the facts of the case. Normally visitor visa extension applications will be decided on the same day.

For all other cases, whether it is a work visa, student visa, dependent visa application for the visa extension needs to be submitted 4 weeks before the expiry of the visa. The criteria used to decide on extension would be to verify if the circumstances on the basis of which the applicant got the visa remain unchanged.

Our Services

Whether it is a visitor visa or other type of visa, if you are looking for Hong Kong Visa Extension you can use our services. We will assist you in getting your visa extended.

Applications may be made to the Extension Section or any Immigration Branch Offices (except Hong Kong Island Travel Documents Issuing Office) within four weeks before the expiry of your limit of stay.

For more information about Hong Kong Visa Extension like application procedures, time required and documentation needed to be submitted, please email us at info@visto.hk