Hong Kong Student Visa

Many students come to Study in Hong Kong. They would need a student visa to be able to enroll for a course here.


The following are the eligibility conditions for Hong Kong Student Visa:

  • To enroll for a primary education program, the applicant must be 5 years and 8 months. For secondary education, applicant should be below 20 years of age.
  • Those admitted to a registered private school, who has the school acceptance letter and is able to pay for the fees and living expenses can apply for a student visa.
  • For post-secondary education, the applicant must have been enrolled to a full-time locally accredited post-secondary program.
  • In the case of post-graduate program, those enrolled to a locally accredited part-time PG program can also apply for a visa.
  • Those admitted for non-local higher education or professional programs on a full-time basis can apply if the course is as per Non-local Higher and professional education ordinance.
  • Apart from this, they need to have a valid travel document and should not have a criminal background.

Getting the visa

For those looking for a Hong Kong Student Visa can use our services. We can guide you through the process in an effective way.

For more information about Hong Kong Student Visa, like application procedures, time required and documentation needed to be submitted, please email us at info@visto.hk