Hong Kong Investment Visa

The Hong Kong Investment Visa is meant to be issued to those entrepreneurs who want to invest money to start a business in Hong Kong. This can be to establish a new business or join an existing business. This is issued under the General Employment Policy of HKSAR.


The following are the eligibility conditions for Hong Kong Investment Visa:

  • Applicant should not have a criminal record or a security objection.
  • Should have a good education or technical background with experience and should be able to provide proof of the same.
  • Should submit a two year business plan for the entrepreneurship activity planned.
  • Applicant should submit proof of financial resources.
  • Proof of the money to be invested should be provided.
  • Details on creation of local jobs and use of technology should be provided.
  • An applicant can also be a part of a start-up business supported by a government program.

Getting the visa

If you want to apply for a Hong Kong investor Visa then you will need the help of a professional agency. Getting an investor visa is not easy as a lot of documents need to be submitted. We can assist you in all documentation to get the visa.

For more information for Hong Kong Investment Visa like application procedures, time required and documentation needed to be submitted, please email us at info@visto.hk