Canada PR Assessment

Canada invites people from across the world to migrate to Canada and get PR or Permanent Resident status. Getting a PR visa in Canada allows a person to settle in Canada with family members and earn in dollars. It gives them the right to work and live in Canada. The first step to get permanent residency in Canada is to opt for a Canadian PR assessment.

PR Assessment

The Canadian PR assessment is available for general immigrants. Applications for business and family sponsorship is also available. The PR assessment contains the following:

  • Personal profile of the applicant with details like age, marital status, details of dependents.
  • Languages known by the applicant.
  • Details of Education and Training undergone by the applicant.
  • Work experience of the applicant.
  • Information as to whether the applicant has a job offer in Canada.
  • Information about whether applicant has friends or family in Canada.
  • Personal net worth of the individual.
  • Contact details.

Assistance in PR assessment

You can apply for the Free assessment for Canada PR from our website. This will help you ascertain if you are eligible to get permanent residency in Canada. We can help you with filling the form and providing the details needed to get a PR in Canada.

Canada PR Assessment Form

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