Hong Kong stands at number one in offering a gratifying experience to the people aboard. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find employment visas in Hong Kong as local professionals and immigrants fulfill the vacancies immediately. If you have the desired qualification and experience, it is very easy to get a work visa in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Work Visa is not as easy as getting a work visa for any other country.

What factors contribute to getting Employment Visa for Hong Kong?

Although there is not a specific limit on the number of visas being issued for Hong Kong, still the work visa permits are provided post validating the skill set and qualifications of the individual. If the country is lacking behind the employees qualifying a certain skill set, they prefer to issue the work visa to the candidate qualifying that particular skill set. This clearly indicates that if you are highly qualified in something that the country is lacking behind, no one can stop you from getting a Hong Kong Employment Visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Hong Kong Work Permit

  1. A document displaying a clean criminal record.
  2. The salary should not exceed the salaries of the local employees of Hong Kong.
  3. Outstanding educational background with a good percentile and additional achievements required for the relevant department.
  4. The company providing the employment should certify that the job vacancy cannot be filled by the local resident of Hong Kong because of the absence of the desired skill.
  5. A valid proof that confirms the dedication of the hired employee towards the improvement of the economy of Hong Kong.
  6. You should not be suffering from any illness. A proper certificate certifying that your health is absolutely fine will be required.

Thus, if you keep a track of all the information provided in the blog, you can surely get a Hong Kong Visa.