The Canadian tourist visa is a temporary type of immigration in Canada and it allows tourists to visit the country to experience tourism and leisure. A majority of Visa Services for Canada grant this type of visa service to its tourists for about six months period. Moreover, the visa, in this case, is of two different types, i.e. multiple entry visa and single entry visa. Each of these visa options remains valid for a specific period and hence, travelers may not use them after such visas expire.

Who Can Get Tourist Visa

Citizens of Hong Kong may approach Canada Visa Services in Hong Kong only if they meet the required eligibility criteria associated with any tourist visa. Accordingly, you have to prove a few important things in front of immigration authorities, which include the following-

  • You and your co-travelers should be in good health.
  • You should possess a valid passport.
  • You are available with the necessary financial resources, which you may need to pay for the expenses while traveling in Canada.
  • You should essentially possess an outside Canada residence in combination with bindings, which will make sure about returning to your home after you make your visit to Canada.
  • You and your co-travelers should not have any criminal record.
  • You should make sure about abiding by the land laws.
  • You should never pose any security risk.
  • You should not have any intention to undertake or seek employment while you remain in Canada.
  • You should undergo the necessary medical examination.
  • You have to make plans to stay in Canada for a specific period and should leave at the end of your visit.

Therefore, with simple and easy steps, you will easily get a tourist Canada visa to make your happy journey in Canada.